Three-dimensional forms have always held a special attraction for me. I work in wood, wire, card and ceramic, often with a kinetic aspect, a mobile which catches the slightest movement or a rotating element which changes the picture produced by the model. Although many figurative pieces were worked from the model, some developed from a sketch showing only one aspect of the figure. Once the structure is established from one perspective, the form seems to fall into place. The sketches which inspired some of my work are shown with the model. Sometimes it is the angle of an arm or the jut of a hip bone which is the key, the feature around which the figure is placed. Some of my figures have been created without a model, from imagination Gloria is one, she began with the feet which suggested the kneeling pose, which suggested the elongated back into a lovely stretch. Duality is another, the abstract forms from the back counterpoint to the couple’s faces. As a contrast from the rounded forms of the human figure, Hope is an elongated pyramid which arose from a shape observed when striking a piece of clay, the angles refined and the sides symmetrical. The base reaches upwards, boatlike. The light falls sharply on one face of the pyramid and the scratched stoneware surface contrasts with the sheer nature of the light. Carving an image presents intriguing challenges – a design evolves, almost in response to the material.  The abstract Echoes was based on a collage of elements from the earlier plaster carving, Farewell. 

– Kathy Burman