Often one image can have many guises. A realistic drawing may have abstract qualities which can be explored. Parts of the drawing can be enlarged, flipped or coloured. The abstract sketch may have 3D qualities which beg to be translated into clay or wire. When seeking a new approach, sketchbooks and previous work can kick-start a completely different train of thought often with surprising results. A succession of images can result with the last bearing no resemblance to the first. This can be a very exciting process. I have explored a few themes for this gallery to illustrate this process. Switching off any expectation or plan seems, for me, to be the key to working in this way. I love to experiment with new materials or practices. A recent drawing course emphasising freedom and loose arm movement led to a wire model of a figure, using the wire to “draw” in just this manner (see “Sarah” in the 3D Gallery). The metallic lustre of the wires became a strong feature when placed against a dark background. I will probably sketch or paint the wire model or play with the photograph to see where this leads. This may then be put away for a time and looked at afresh when inspiration is needed. In this way, my work ebbs and flows and, hopefully, progresses over time.

– Kathy Burman