Places – Urban Imaginings

I have always loved cities.  The random way in which they grow and develop over time, the energy and bustle, the unexpected views which open up around each corner.  This series began with Moment in Time 1 &2, collages of imagined structures, forming strange vistas and rooflines.  The materials (spare laser photos) inspired the creation of a fantasy, a rather broken world.   Urban Twilight followed, a work on a smaller scale and with strong structural elements.   The moody sky set the scene.  The intriguing foreground areas lead the eye into the image.   There are paths, walkways, hidden corners for the viewer to explore.  I was delighted when this collage won the Bill Dale Award at the Hertford Art Society Open Exhibition in 2013.  Further collages followed, each set at a different point in the day, each with a different mood but all with a degree of mystery.  I am hooked.  More will follow.