Life Studies

As often as possible, I draw, paint and model the human figure. It is endlessly challenging and fascinating. Quick sketches, with mere minutes to observe, can be the most successful. With little time to think and no time to worry, a few lines can give the impression of a figure in motion or at rest. I am inspired by artists through the ages who have captured the beauty of the figure in all manner of ways and in all media. Collage is a most satisfying means of defining the puzzle of a figure formed by light and shade, charcoal gives the opportunity to render soft tones, pastel enables a delicate or bold interpretation and oil or acrylic paints provide a challenge in mixing just the right shade and putting it in just the right place. Experimenting with different media is part of the joy of capturing that special something – perhaps just a glimpse of the character in the model or an impression of a mood in which we all can share – a measure of our own humanity.

– Kathy Burman