I enjoy working with clay, I love the way it is malleable and forgiving. The process of making a pinched or coiled pot is absorbing and calming, rolling and joining slab-built forms has a quiet rhythm. Shapes can be suggested by natural or manmade forms. The play of light on the surface is an important aspect of some pieces, in others the smoothness of the glaze is the primary feature. Stoneware is my favourite finish, it is sturdy and has a satisfying grainy quality. Some items are glazed, others left in the natural clay, perhaps tinted with an oxide prior to firing. The potential of clay as a material is almost endless; it retains the ideas of the artist from prehistoric times to today, from the everyday and commonplace to magical decorative and sculpted works. It is an amazing medium and can be used to express thoughts and feelings through enduring works of art.

– Kathy Burman